Seven Falls Waterfall Loop from Tintwistle

I’m doing the CALM Lost Hours Walk this October 29th in memory of my son, Rupert Codrington-Marshall.

Everyone is welcome to join me on the walk, whether it’s part way or all the way.

Friends, family and colleagues are encouraged to create their own fundraising page and then join Team Rupert.

Together we can stomp out the stigma surrounding suicide.


GofundMe Page Shutdown by my sons step father.

Unfortunately the gofundme page has been shutdown by my sons mother and step father. The reason given by GofundMe support was that the fundraiser page was unauthorised. Even though I’m Rupert’s father and the page was set up on my behalf by one of his friends. Even though I’d complied with Louise and Marks request to remove my comments about attending a SOBS meeting here in Stockport, which is a suicide bereavement support group. Even though I’d turned off donations.

Gofundme said that if Mark agrees to let me change the beneficiary name, that I can take back the page and activate it again. However, Mark has ignored all my messages so far and I doubt he’ll cooperate.


My Affiliate payouts are going to charity, forever!

I’ve made the decision to give all my Twitch Affiliate payouts directly to charity, forever. No strings. Every time I get a payout from Twitch; I will split it evenly between the charities listed on my son’s Tribute Page. That includes subs, gift subs, bits and merch purchases.

Meanwhile if you want to buy me a coffee, you can Tip me instead.

Please only Tip me if you mean to give the money to me (into my pocket) and not for the charity payouts.

My son convinced me to start streaming in late 2021. I’m going to continue streaming in his memory.

The following banners will show up on my stream at random times, but you can manually display them using the chat commands:

!rupert , !subs , !forcharity , !charitystickers , !charityshoutouts , !streamavatars

My sons Gofundme raised £6,966

I’m absolutely blown away by the support and generosity of Ruperts friends, family, colleagues and everyone else that helped us raise money for my sons Funeral and Catering costs. Ruperts mother informed me that the funds raised were less than the total cost of the final bills, that’s even after she got some of it for free (perks of her job). I had no idea funerals were this expensive. Meanwhile, Ruperts mother and his step father have very generously made up the shortfall. Thanks again to everyone that helped out in any way they could.

Lee Hayward

Please note that donations for this gofundme have now be turned off at the request of Ruperts mother and step father.

UPDATE: Rupert’s mother and step father have had the page shutdown. According to Gofundme support, it was an unauthorised fundraiser and only the beneficiary (Mark) is allowed to put it back online. Even though the page was no longer taking donations and I’d cooperated with Louise and Mark by removing my post about attending a meeting here in Stockport. Even though I’m literally Rupert’s father.