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Q. Why do you have a Skull and Crossbones as your websites favicon ?
A. That was my old regiments cap badge. The 17th/21st Lancers.

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A. You can hire me for anything to do with IT Support, virtual hosting and IT training.

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Freenom Free Domains are not worth it.

Way back in 2018 I started promoting Freenom for their Free Domain name service. That was before they started pulling my Free domains for no reason.

Recently I had a Free Domain name pulled and tagged as "Fraud". The domain name simply pointed to a David Icke video on a private VPS, the video in question was shared with the permission of the content creator and David Icke himself, the domain name was made up of the keywords "david icke interview londonreal". Again, this was pre-approved by the content creator and David himself, so there was no copyright infringement or fraud committed at all. So why did Freenom pull the video and tag it as Fraud then?

They didn't. Not directly anyway. You see, Freenom provide companies like Facebook and Twitter with access to an API that allows those companies to shutdown domains they allege to be fraudulent. The take-down requests are not verified by Freenom, they are approved immediately. Any attempt to contact Freenom about my case in particular was simply dismissed off the bat, the Freenom support is notoriously rude to their customers and this time was no exception. I was unable to get a straight answer as to exactly why the domain had been taken down, they wouldn't tell me which part of their terms and conditions I'd broken and the more I pushed for an answer, the ruder their replies.

In one of the email replies I was told that in future if I don't want my domain taken down, I should consider paying for it. That felt like blackmail to me.

So in my opinion what has happened here is this: One of their pre-approved content police (Facebook, Twitter, etc) have seen the domain linked somewhere, decided they don't agree with David Icke or LondonReal nor their right to free speech and simply pulled the domain on zero evidence of actual alleged Fraud. Meanwhile Freenom are obviously complicit. Which in short, is why I no longer recommend Freenom for Free Domains or any domains at all to be honest.

Buy your domain via NameCheap or other domain name provider instead. Free comes with a price all of its own with Freenom.

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion based on personal experiences with Freenom. Who also in my personal experience have pulled my Free Domains and told me that "they" decide what counts as a T&C's violation. So be careful, they can take your Free domain anytime they like and for any reason, not just what is listed on the T&C's.