My Affiliate payouts are going to charity, forever!

I’ve made the decision to give all my Twitch Affiliate payouts directly to charity, forever. No strings. Every time I get a payout from Twitch; I will split it evenly between the charities listed on my son’s Tribute Page. That includes subs, gift subs, bits and merch purchases.

Meanwhile if you want to buy me a coffee, you can Tip me instead.

Please only Tip me if you mean to give the money to me (into my pocket) and not for the charity payouts.

My son convinced me to start streaming in late 2021. I’m going to continue streaming in his memory.

The following banners will show up on my stream at random times, but you can manually display them using the chat commands:

!rupert , !subs , !forcharity , !charitystickers , !charityshoutouts , !streamavatars